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Montclair State University Class of 2016!!

Because I never officially blogged about my college choice. But I officially put my deposit in the other day! MSU(:

So yeah, thats happening. 

I made the decision to commute because financially I just can’t afford to dorm, even with loans. My family doesn’t have the money saved up and by the time I graduated I’d be over 100,000 dollars in debt if I dormed. Honestly, some people have made me feel terrible about my decision but I decided I’m not going to throw myself a pity party but I’m going to make the best out of this situation. I am going to join a sport, clubs, a sorority I don’t care. I am going to make friends and get the best college experiance possible. You don’t have to dorm to have an “experience” because its what you make it. Montclair has a nationally accredited teacher education program which is one of the top 10 in the state. I am going to double major with English and their elementary education program is tough to get into and once I’m in I probably won’t even graduate in 4 years its thats rigorous (from what I heard). Basically I’m saying that I’m friggin’ stoked for college and its such a relief yet scary thing at the same time to know where I’m going. 

If you go to Montclair or you’re going to be a freshman next year follow me and lets be friends! (:

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